Spoon Fly Cutouts

Spoon Fly Cutouts


Looking to create and tie your own spoon flies? We took out all the hard work and made it easy to whip some up before your next trip. Just bend the hook shank approximately 10 degrees, then tie on some tail/wing material, wrap the hook shank with flash or flat braid, secure the tie down tabs on the Spoon Cutout, and then cover with any epoxy. Years of testing have lead to this spoon shape that’s a perfect fit for size #2 hooks on many popular brands and is proven to have a deadly wobble effect in the water . For complete illustrated instructions, see the write-up under the “Reports” section.

  • 18 spoon cutouts per package.

  • Great fit for hook size #2 on a Daiichi 2546, Mustad 34007 , Kona USS, or Tiemco TMC811S.

  • Extra long tie-in tabs

  • Colors - (all colors have a silver backing).:

    • Gold

    • Silver

    • Shrimp Pink

    • Chartreuse

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