Topwater Fly Pack

Topwater Fly Pack


Top 3 Saltwater Topwater Flies

Nothing is more exhilarating than watching a Redfish or Trout charge a fly on the surface and then explode on it!  That rush of adrenaline will have you tying these topwater flies on again and again.  Floating on the surface, these flies will pop, splash, and create noise when being stripped. It is superb at grabbing the attention of fish from a distance and triggering an aggressive reaction bite.    They are great for early mornings, late evenings, overcast days, and murky waters when visibility is low.  And of course they perform equally as well in perfect weather conditions too.  Each fly in this pack excels in different areas.  The Gurgler, with its flashy, leggy, and Marabou tail, is highly visible and is the top attention-getter.  The Popcorn Shrimp is designed to mimic the movement and have a realistic appearance of a fleeing shrimp.  And when you strip the Foam Dome Diver, it gets pulled under the surface of the water.   This brings the fly down in the water column where the fish can see it and creates an excellent gurgling sound. 

Topwater Fly 3-Pack includes:

  • Sight Cast Gurgler
  • Popcorn Shrimp
  • Foam Dome Diver
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