Wet Willy

Wet Willy

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This fly is designed to target Trophy Speckled Trout in a foot of water. Starting with a size 4 hook, we have scaled it down to have less weight, less profile, and made for picky fish in skinny water. A subtle amount of color in the legs and body provides just enough eye-catching ability, while the natural tones in the tail and collar make this fly extra shrimpy. It’s a perfect fly to tie on when you’re targeting that Gator Trout up on the flats, but also want a fly that works well for Redfish.

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  • Color: Shrimp Pink/Tan

  • Hook: Size 4 Daiichi 2546 Saltwater Fly Hook

  • Weedguard: Yes

  • Target species: Redfish, Trout

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