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What it's all about...

This isn’t any kind of fishing, this is sight casting.  Stalking the shallow waters looking for a fin breaking the surface.  Paying attention to the smallest ripple and every disturbance of water with a keen eye.  It’s almost hunting, an endless pursuit of prey.  Seeing the fish, making the perfect cast, executing flawless timing and presentation.  That rush of adrenaline watching the fish eat.  That’s what we live for.  That’s why we sight cast.

Sight Cast Fishing is a coastal-based apparel brand and saltwater fly shop designed for an active lifestyle of on the water.  It all started with a dream to provide a line of products designed for those that live in the backwater marshes and the shallow flats.  Decades of experience have led to a collection of flies that we feel is perfectly suitable to the Gulf Coast area and to the species of fish we love to target.