Swamp Donkey

Swamp Donkey

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This fly is designed to sight cast to Sheepshead in a foot of water, but it’s pretty kick ass for Redfish too. It’s the perfect fly to tie on in the late Fall or early Spring when the Sheepshead are spawning but you’re still seeing Redfish up on the flats. The pattern is made for spooky fish in skinny water. It lands soft and quiet, yet gets down quick while displaying plenty of movement. A subtle amount of eye-catching color in the legs and body combined with the natural tones and texture of the deer hair head make this fly extra crabby.

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  • Color: Olive/Chartreuse

  • Hook: Size 4 Kona BGH Black Saltwater Fly Hook

  • Weedguard: No

  • Target species: Sheepshead, Redfish, Black Drum

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