Speckled Trout Fly Pack

Speckled Trout Fly Pack


Top Speckled Trout Flies for Sight Fishing

When you are on the shallow flats sight fishing for big trophy Speckled Trout in a foot of water, you need a set of flies designed for this purpose.  These aren't the mass-produced commercial flies you find at your local big box store.  Very seldom will you ever see a Trout nosing around in the grass eating prey off the bottom, so the typical heavy-weighted Redfish flies are not going to be effective.  Big Speckled Trout up on the flats are often found lying around, slowly cruising, or waiting to ambush an easy meal that swims over.  When sight casting to big Trout you need to position the fly just above their head in a non-threatening manner.  This is why you need flies that land softly, are light-weight, have a low sink rate, and are tailored to this type of situation.  Keeping the fly high in the water column is a must.  You want to increase the duration your fly hangs in the target zone, which allows you to perfectly time that retrieve all while having enough presence in the water to get that impulse reaction bite.  You can go buy a Clouser Minnow anywhere, but if you want a set proven flies that produce year in and year out then look no further than the Sight Cast Speckled Trout fly pack. 

Speckled Trout Fly 4-Pack includes:

  • (1) Rockport Red Eye

  • (1) Wet Willy

  • (1) Popcorn Shrimp

  • (1) Matagorda Mullet

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