Redfish Fly Pack

Redfish Fly Pack


Top 5 Redfish Flies

There are literally thousands of Redfish flies out there and they all imitate the crabs, shrimp, and baitfish that make up the food source on the shallow flats and backwater marshes. Don't waste your time on the mass-produced commercial flies.  Stick with local-tied flies that have been field tested and fine tuned for Gulf Coast Redfish.  If you've fished long enough for Redfish, you've almost certainly experienced the times where they tend to focus on one prey type exclusively.  We could fill a whole book with discussions of what Redfish eat in any given situation, but when deciding which fly to tie on, start with "matching the hatch".  Observe which type of baitfish are up on the flats and pick a fly that most closely resembles that.  You need a set of flies in your arsenal that matches all the prey types in the marsh and also covers the entire water column, from topwater, to bottom crawling, and everything in between.   The Sight Cast Redfish Pack comes with everything you need to catch Redfish in any situation.  

Redfish Fly 5-Pack includes:

  • Redfish Cracklin

  • Sight Cast Gurgler

  • Texas Toad

  • Sight Cast Spoon

  • Straight-Shooter Crab

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