Sheepshead Fly Pack

Sheepshead Fly Pack


Top 5 Sheepshead Flies

Sheepshead are notorious for being very difficult to catch on the fly, but it's this challenge that makes it so fun!  The Convict fish is a very picky eater and their donkey mouth full of molars doesn't make setting the hook any easier.  They will typically nibble at the fly and an angler expecting them to smash and run will often miss the hook set.  Focus on crawling the fly along the bottom, keeping the line semi-tight, and strip setting on the slightest tug.  You need a weighted fly that sinks and get's down to the bottom quick, yet light enough to not plop down noisily on the surface of the water.   For the Sheepshead flies, we like to keep the hook size small, usually around a size 6, and opt for a wide gape, chemically-sharpened hook.  Furthermore, we try to keep these flies streamline, simple, and short.  Keeping a short tail on your fly pattern will help you get more hook sets as they will often nibble on a longer tail and never get the hook fully in their mouth.  The Sight Cast Sheepshead fly pack contains proven flies that are guaranteed to get you hooked up with the Prison Permit.    

Sheepshead Fly 5-Pack includes:

  • Swamp Donkey

  • Convict Crab

  • Straight-Shooter Crab

  • Black Sheep

  • Zonker Donk

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