Straight-Shooter Crab

Straight-Shooter Crab

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Similar to the Sidewinder Crab, the hook shank is positioned perpendicular to the crab body. This allows the crab to stand upright in a defensive posture with claws dancing in the current when resting on the bottom. Fish this fly slow and allow it to sink. Then with small, slow strips you will mimic the movement of a crab. It is made to be extremely durable and can withstand lots of abuse before having to retire it. This fly is a must-have to anyone sight casting to Redfish on the flats or to Sheepshead in the winter.

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  • Color: Crustacean Tan

  • Hook: Size 4 Daiichi 2546 Saltwater Fly Hook

  • Weedguard: Yes

  • Target species: Redfish, Sheepshead

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