Redfish Cracklin

Redfish Cracklin

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This is an improvement on the traditional Redfish Crack fly that has been proven successful along the Gulf Coast. We took the most buggy, gnarly materials we could find, twisted them up to form our very own custom made brush, and wrapped it on to the head of this fly. The result is one fishy looking fly that’s guaranteed to end up in a Redfish’s mouth.

  • Choose the 3-pack option for a discounted price.

  • Colors:

    • Blue Crab/Sand/Orange

    • Chartreuse/Olive/Tan

    • Purple/Black/Pink

    • Copper/Rust

  • Hook: Size 4 Daiichi 2546 Saltwater Fly Hook

  • Weedguard: Yes

  • Target species: Redfish, Trout

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