Sight Cast "Glow in the Dark" Spoon

Sight Cast "Glow in the Dark" Spoon


LIMITED EDITION - “Glow in the Dark” Spoon Fly

Our custom built Sight Cast Spoon comes after years of research and field testing.  From the shape of the spoon, to the angle of the hook, to the amount of flash on the back end; it all factors in to how the spoon sinks, wobbles, and flutters in the water.  

The spoon fly has been a must-have in every saltwater fly box for a reason, they catch fish and lots of them.  Imitating a crustacean or baitfish, they just can't resist it's flicker and it's low frequency vibration as it moves through the water.

  • Colors: Multiple colors available. Custom color combinations available upon request.

  • Hook: Size 2 Saltwater Fly Hook

  • Weedguard: No

  • Target species: Redfish

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